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  Development News
03 Sep 2001 Webserver now supports HTTP1.1, and it works in IE and Konqueror.
03 Sep 2001 Speed up! Vector converted to map<> for property storage.
03 Sep 2001 External connections now possible - achat comming soon.
03 Sep 2001 Fully operation combat system created.
16 Jul 2001 You can now actualy have a lock, which is a sub object of a door, and can be joined to other locks, which can accept keys to be locked or unlocked.
14 Jul 2001 Door now actually block you if you try to walk through them!
07 Jul 2001 I migrated the system to a newer version of my Sockets library, and it has healed the problem with frames in the Webserver library - you can now view the darn docs properly!.
05 Jul 2001 ARMT - I fixed up much of the web stuff. No more nasty error message, although we still seem to have problems with frames in Netscape/Konqueror.

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