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  Elysian Fields Project
Welcome to the homepage of the ElysianFields project! Here you should find all the resources you need to participate in the ElysianFields world and the BACCHUS project.
The ElysianFields world is based in a fantastic realm. The main continent is called Elysian Fields, and has several regions, each of which boasting it's own capital city with it's own castle, and overlord. The game is race and class based, although classes are defined more through action than through predetermined choice.

  Latest News
03 Sep 2001 External connections now possible - achat comming soon.
03 Sep 2001 Fully operation combat system created.
16 Jul 2001 Well - doors are now fully operational in the MUD, locks and all!
05 Jul 2001 There seems to be some new interest in EF, so I brought the new webpages online, and will probably start updating the content here.

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